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Welcome to Chiswick Park Physio

Chiswick Park Physio has been providing a professional and effective physiotherapy service for neck and back pain since 2013. Over the years, we've continued to adapt our modern physiotherapy service to our patients needs.

Whether you are experiencing neck pain or back pain, we are here to assist you. Our physiotherapists are very experienced , highly qualified and provide effective treatment for neck pain and back pain.

Why Choose Us:

Many neck and back conditions respond very well to physiotherapy treatment with most of our patients experiencing marked improvement within the first 2 to 3 treatments.

When choosing who to see, many practices may appear similar but we believe we are different:

We specialise in neck pain and back conditions

We take a hands on approach to ensure faster and more reliable results

We listen and base your treatment on your goals.

Our goal is to identify and treat the source of your pain.

For prompt and effective treatment please call us on 

020 8995 6322 or book online

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Initial Consultation: £60

Standard Consultation: £60

Chiswick Park Physio

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